About Team HR

David Simpson

As a specialist in organisational development and change, Team HR builds on the 'best of' to develop effectiveness and resilience in individuals, teams and organisations.

Since 1998 Team HR has delivered targeted services including capability development and change; learning and development, leadership, facilitation, executive coaching and conflict resolution across Australia for private sector, public sector, educational, non-government and sporting organizations. Our network of accredited and qualified staff have broad experience in Australia and internationally, achieving success in a wide variety of roles across many disciplines.

At Team HR we believe it is essential to differentiate the capability of an organisation in terms of what that organisation does technically (including it’s systems and process); from the patterns of interaction between it’s people which enables it to do what it does. We believe an organisation will be at its best when there are great patterns of interaction between its people. Team HR enables organisations to develop those great patterns.

We are proud of our close association with Clear Learning Ltd and the ‘Clear Leadership’ program. (www.clearlearning.ca)

We are also proud to be a licensed provider of the John Izzo program, ‘Stepping Up – How taking responsibility changes everything’. (www.drjohnizzo.com)